"I sing to feel free"

"Jen completely changed the way I sing" Abril
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Jen has taught literally thousands of people to sing and express themselves freely.
Clients on Sony, EMI, BMG, with Kerrang, NME, Brit awards.  
(Her interest is in people and music and art, not in labels).


Voice craft (CVT, Estill, SATA) interwoven with uninhibited sound making, improvisation, bodywork and movement to evolve expressive freedom.  Punk Rock, Singer-songwriter, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Dance, Pop, R&B.  We are born noise makers.  Everyone can sing if they find the right song, the right style.  It just takes time and dedication.



“There will never be another you.  You are completely authentically, absolutely unique in the history of this human race” Dustin Hoffman.
Each voice joins to make the whole.  Everyone may contribute a verse.  Developing your songwriting and musicality is a part of finding your ‘voice’ and something everyone can do.  You can start with just one note.



Voice is more than sound.  It’s an expression of the self, moreover the soul, that’s what connects with others.  ‘Artists’ of every ability need the support of someone who’s 100% on their side, someone on their inner circle who cares about them, their voice, their work, their bigger picture.  As such Expressive Voice Work combines voice work with personal coaching and conversations about artistry.


“Jen spotted my uniqueness and has encouraged me to develop my own singing style.  We work on interesting, unique and beautiful songs and she helps me with my writing as well”

Julia, artist, singer/songwriter

“It’s hard to remember now but a year ago I had never sung a single word infront of another person and had chronic stage fright. A year and many public performances later I am making my love and passion for singing into a career!”

Betty, Soul Singer

“Jen’s an exceptional teacher!”

Letisha, Folk Singer/songwriter

“I can’t believe the extent to which i’ve developed my voice and confidence in such a short period of time! Due to Jen’s skill as a teacher and her belief in me I’m now writing and performing my own stuff regularly, something I never thought I could do.”

Sally, punk rock singer/songwriter

“Jen has a vast knowledge of her craft and the experience to match it.’

Joshua Marment, producer, singer/songwriter

“Jen helped me to improve my voice without losing my individuality.  I really couldn’t recommend her more highly”

Vinny, Producer, Alternative Singer/songwriter

“Now I have lots of confidence and the freedom to sing”.

Carmen, Singer/songwriter, vocal coach

“She’s exceptional”

Zac, singer/songwriter

“Jen is that rare thing: a gifted singer and a fantastic teacher. An active, passionate, curious musical artist, equally passionate and curious about the art of teaching, in her pupils and their development. She’s friendly, funny and a lot of fun – but there’s a deep underlying seriousness and wealth of technical experience running through her approach. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Seymour, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Arranger

“Jen gets you to achieve things you didn’t know you could and teaches you in a totally authentic way for you as an artist.  Everything feels effortless and takes your performance to a whole different level”

Parry, Jazz/Contemporary Singer

“I had lost all my confidence in singing.  I now earn a living as a singer and coach myself and am very thankful for the support and training I received.  I highly recommend Jen to anyone of any level”

Mariam B, Singer, Vocal Coach

“Instantly actionable techniques that really work, as well as invaluable emotional reassurance. After three sessions I went to a rehearsal with my band, who were not aware that I was having lessons and jaws dropped. I recommend Jen unreservedly.”

Loretta, Soul Singer/songwriter

If you are drawn to this journey/path I want to support you.  I have been fortunate enough to have worked with thousands of artists/singers/people over the past 15 years. 

Whilst I've worked with clients on all the major record labels (EMI, BMG, Sony), with all the major music awards (Kerrang, NME, Brit awards) I am only interested in the art and in connecting with the human being stood infront of me.  Whether it's your career or your passion or a new thing for you.  All adults are welcome.  

Jennifer May, Estill, SLS, CVT(Dip), SATA.  BA(hons)Mus, Dip(Mus), Voice(Dip), Pro.Perf.Dip(Voice), Artist development(Dip)Distinction, London Music School (Vocalist of yr) Distinction.  Additional training here.

Jenny is also a certified Personal development coach(MASC), NLP Coach(ABNLP), and Hypnotherapist(ABH).  With an interest in Philosophy, Psychology, mindfulness, mindlessness 🙂 and the Expressive Arts.