The language of kindness

It’s all too easy to fall into patterns of beating ones self up when it comes to learning something new.  To feeling like we’re not progressing fast enough or thinking that being hard on ourselves is somehow useful!?  This could actually be putting a spoke in the wheel of your progress.  Have you ever had […]

How does a singer create interest?

It’s so important to me that I don’t impose my musical taste on the singers I spend time with.  Artists/singers/musicians need to be able to make their own creative decisions when it comes to their singing.  However I will absolute break down what it is that you love to help you know yourself more, your […]

you’re a rainbow…more than a rainbow

you’re everything…….black and yellow and green and red and electric blue and black again…  wild and sad and excited and violent and happy…..and noisy and silent and ….  Your voice is allowed to do all of this.  You are allowed to tell the truth.  I know a lot of teachers don’t agree but for me, […]

Jo Estill, show everyone in the world how beautiful they are inside’

So much is talked about the Estill method.  Here is the great lady herself: My grounding in the Estill method, all those years ago, is what enabled me to start teaching voice.  This led on to a great deal more study but this was the perfect place to start and what I always recommend […]

How I got my song

This is a beautiful speech by Leonard Cohen, about how he found his voice.


I love this interview.  Particularly from 1.20. “I’m interested in something that means something to everyone….so i’m just as interested in poetry or art or whatever…..I’m continually trying to be Shakespeare or whatever it is….I’m not pissing about….”  John Lennon.  Beautiful to hear his truth. This is also beautiful:  

Genuine listening

A lot of what I do in sessions is encouraging freedom of expression.  This involves genuine listening.  I just read this nice piece on Rob Brezsny’s website and I thought I’d share. “…To willingly bear witness to what someone else needs to say while simultaneously sparing them of your own solution, defense, dismissal, alternative reality, […]

A few variables

Your head would explode if you had to think about all the variables when singing (see a few below).  So instead we get playful with applying these variables and your voice learns how to quickly respond to being in the moment of the song.  The voice learns to be flexible and free.  So play with […]

Talent is a myth, what you need is a f*cking big fire in your belly

I just had to share something that landed in my inbox this morning (link below) from amazing pianist/composer/teacher Tom Donald.  Talking about ‘one of societies biggest myths and lies’: talent. Yes, some people are brought up in a music bootcamp environment and are seen as amazingly talented (M.Jackson comes to mind).  But this actually proves […]