Artists need community

I was on a course at Cambridge University last week and was reminded of the power of community.  It was so inspiring to be surrounded by so many brilliant minds.  So many amazing artists all devouring other great works. Talking about everything from Keats to Dylan, Leonard Cohen to the gospel of John.  This is where […]

If you feel something is holding you back, practise this daily.

Repeat daily: From 8 mins in Often labelled a multitude of things: mindset, beliefs, limited beliefs, self belief, certainty, choose the word you like.  You need to be ‘certain’ and it only takes a few minutes to get certain. Your voice is important. Repeat the above exercise daily to get certain.

Talent is a myth, what you need is a f*cking big fire in your belly

I just had to share something that landed in my inbox this morning from amazing pianist/composer/teacher Tom Donald.  Talking about ‘one of societies biggest myths and lies’: talent. I absolutely agree.  Yes, some people are brought up in music bootcamp and are seen as talented (M.Jackson comes to mind).  But this actually proves the rule […]

Create your own private revolution

There’s nothing I like more than seeing my clients plans start coming together.  It’s really important to me that everything’s kept ‘in the real world’ as such.  That it’s physical.  That it’s something you can hold.  Something precious, something you value.  I want to see it all infront of me.  I want you to care […]

I am not a teacher

Well not in the traditional sense!!  …..As artists the main thing we need to be able to do is to learn to trust ourselves, to build skills, to grow and evolve and create.  We need to use our brains properly, to grow our intuition, to grow our experience, to learn by doing.  Being told what […]

Diamonds in the mine – you have to sift a lot of soil to find the diamonds

I just read this fantastic story from “Art and Fear” by David Bayles and Ted Orland.  Something we all need to remember! “On the first day of class, a ceramics teacher announced that he was sorting his students into two groups. Half the students would be graded on the quantity of works produced, the other […]

Practise mindfulness to improve focus, performance ease, silence the inner critic!

Our brains are constantly changing (neuroplasticity).  Each time you repeat a behaviour that pathway in your brain becomes better worn until it’s the natural path, the natural behaviour, the unconscious habit. Scientists observed MRI scans of the brains of participants of an 8 week mindfulness practice which showed that their amygdalas (fight or flight response) […]