Imagine if someone had told Bob Dylan he couldn’t sing!?

I was lucky enough to see Bob Dylan on Sunday night at The Palladium.  Wow.  It was amazing!  It just made me think, can you imagine what a tragedy it would have been had he ever asked a stuffy singing teacher if he could sing?  Or if he’d have gone on one of those god forsaken tv shows and got the thumbs down!  Decades of amazing work could have been destroyed.  The Nobel peace prize for literature would have been given to someone else.  The world would have missed out on his ‘voice’.  That would truly have been a tragedy.

Dylan knew what his voice could do and that’s what he did.  Noone will ever sound like him.  He’s a total original and that’s what I’m interested in.  Everyone can find what works for them.  That’s what’s important and it’s ok to split the crowd.  In fact, it’s probably a good idea.



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