Contact, booking & fees

Please contact me initially via e-mail:

I only take on a limited number of clients, people who I really 'speak' to, who believe they will benefit from my approach.  Please send me a mail to let me know why you are interested in lessons with me, and what your desires/intentions are.

Studio Address: Expressive Voice.  201 Hackney Rd.  Shoreditch, London  E2 8JL
Face to face sessions take place in a private music studio complex in Shoreditch.  It's hosted everyone from Nina Simone to Arcade Fire, Chaka Khan to Fleetwood Mac and soon you too!  The studio is cosy and private.  There won't be people waiting outside the door.  It's 5 mins walk from Hoxton overground and 8-10 mins walk from Old Street Tube (just a straight road).  Please call/txt me on arrival on 07775900822.  Please wait downstairs if you arrive early, I will pop down at your lesson time.  

What to bring: Come as you are!
It's not my aim to create any stress in your life.  Quite the opposite!  You can turn up however you turn up.  I am used to working with artists.  🙂  Please just bring some water (or buy some at the shop opposite).  It is my preference that you bring a folder with some sort of visual interpretation (or list) of your intentions for the sessions.  Maybe what you envisage for the future.  Get creative!  Be bold.  It's really helpful for me (& hopefully for you too) for you to add to the folder each week (even if all it is is what you took away from the previous session) but hopefully you start creating a folder of 'work' so you don't feel in total chaos.  Maybe it's simply a page of A4 that says 'Breathe' or perhaps it's some lyrics/poetry/fill it with things you love.  What you get out of the sessions will be dependant on what you put in.  I would love you to enjoy what you're doing so much that you want to do it as much as possible.  If you feel that you're not quite ready to work on your own material (ps. I think everyone's ready!) but want some structure some people love these books for simply structuring singing.  They can be helpful for beginners.

Book and Pay
Payment should be made as soon as a time is found that is suitable.  Please, simply send money via paypal (app is simplest) to
You will receive an instant receipt.  I am a verified, long term business seller.  

House rules:  Like you, my life (my time) is precious.   I prefer to only spend time with people who respect me and my time.  Please only make bookings you are happy to attend or pay for.  You are welcome to gift your studio time slot to a friend if you cannot make it.  

"Jen is that rare thing: a gifted singer and a fantastic teacher. She is an active, passionate, curious musical artist, equally passionate and curious about her clients and their development.  She's friendly, funny and a lot of fun - but there's a deep underlying seriousness and wealth of technical experience running through her approach. I can't recommend her enough."  Seymour, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Arranger.