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Jenny has been teaching private clients of all ability levels for over 10 years.  She loves seeing singers grow in strength and confidence and help them develop their artistic potential.  She has worked with major multi-platinum artists alongside numerous creative individuals and complete beginners.  Jenny is easy going, friendly and would love to encourage and support your singing.

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Jenny’s training:    

  • Core and Advanced Core training; Vocal Process
  • Estill Voice Craft 1+2; Royal Academy of Music
  • Vocal Anatomy For Voice Professionals; Jacob Lieberman
  • BA(Hons) Music + Diploma in Music
  • Diploma in Complete Vocal Technique; CVI, Denmark
  • Belting Explained; Birmingham centre of speech & language
  • Belting and Beyond; Royal Academy of Music.
  • The Gathering; Free voice improvisation with Maggie Nichols
  • Breathing, Support & Estill II; Royal Academy of Music
  • Moving vocal education into the C21st; Meribeth Dayme
  • The Voice in Violence; Lise Olson, CSSD
  • C21st singer teacher training; Dane Chalfin
  • The Developing Voice; Deirdre Trundle
  • Speech Level Singing; Royal Academy of Music
  • Professional Performance Diploma in Voice; London Music School (Distinction)
  • Artist development; British academy of New Music (Distinction)
    Jenny is also a certified NLP coach and TFT practitioner

singing lessons

Vocal coaching sessions that focus on your confidence, and your voice/body connection, to encourage an effortless sounding, expressive voice.

singing lessons

Courses are an excellent way for you to make progress. Consistent teaching over a number of weeks will more easily move you toward your goals.

singing lessons


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