Self Expression

You cannot separate singing from self, and deeper still from soul.

Expressive Voice work combines voice craft with conversation based coaching to provide a very whole approach to 'Voice' development.  This is so often the piece missing.

Your truth, your story, your 'voice', your path, what you have to say must be conveyed in your song. Otherwise what's it all about?!  This is something everyone can do and everyone needs a reminder to do.

Expressive Voice sessions can work on any element of your artistry; your voice, your writing, your musicality, the craft, song work, your mind, how you communicate, story etc...  Your teacher should want to get to know you.  To be on your inner circle of support.  To help you connect the dots.

What are you working on?

"I’m now writing and performing my own stuff regularly, something I never thought I could do"  Sally, Punk/Rock Singer/Songwriter