Every voice is important

Our voices sound our souls.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Every crack and creak and cry and sigh and call and moan, perfectly, imperfectly, beautiful.  Allowing the full spectrum of vocal sounds frees us ....and our creativity*.  There are so many variables when it comes to singing the best response is to be playful.  To be an an explorer.    To listen, experiment, adapt, apply, listen.   

Expressive Voice work combines technique (fundamentals) with uninhabited improvisation based voice work, conversations about song, music, art, artistry.  It has produced outstanding results in thousands of singers ('people who sing') for more than 15 years.

We connect the voice with movement and the body.  When the body is aligned, has intention, focus, energy, emotion, connection the sound is much more resonant, powerful and moving.  Voice work is not ability bound.  Everyone has a voice and all are are free to do with it as they please.

Noone taught Jeff Buckley to sing or Sia or John Lennon....instead they were supported (by friends, experience,  artists, teachers) to explore freely.  I would like to support you.

Sing out your soul, let's connect!

*Get inspired by some beautiful 'folk' voices from all over the globe to hear the huge variety of sounds the voice can make.  Bulgaria Female choir, Russian orthodox choir, Tuvan throat singing, Mongolian music, Tanzanian vocals, Arabic byzantine chants, Albanian folk music, Tibetan chanting, Bulgarian folk music, French mediaeval music, Spanish Jewish music, Spanish Flamenco, Pakistani Sufi Music, Armenia, Ragistani folk music, Tusheti Moutain Folk Music, Japanese folk music, American Cajun music.



"Jenny has transformed my voice! She is 110% interested in her students. Now I have a big huge voice and lots of confidence to sing. Jenny also helped me become a musician!"  Carmen, Pop/Rock & Soul Singer