Every voice is important

The voice can be used expressively in a free, flexible way; the way an artist would use paint on a canvas.  It can be playful, crafted, spontaneous.  

Expressive Voice Work combines uninhibited vocal improvisation with voice craft (Estill, CVT, SATA, SLS) to evolve expressive vocal freedom.

EVW connects noise making with body work and movement to get out of the head and into the body.  When the body is aligned, has intention, focus, energy, sound is much more resonant, powerful and moving.  This method  has produced outstanding results in thousands of singers/'people who sing'.

Nurture your voice (please read)

Sing out your soul.



"Jenny has transformed my voice! She is 110% interested in her students. Now I have a big huge voice and lots of confidence to sing. Jenny also helped me become a musician!"  Carmen, Pop/Rock & Soul Singer