"Some songs capture a moment so well, you can smell summer at 60 miles an hour or feel the cold steering wheel as you’re driving away from someone you never thought you’d say goodbye to or you could still taste the gum in your mouth before your first kiss.  It’s like there’s three and a half minutes for every moment that you really felt alive"

, Worth repeating.

Sometimes we open our mouths and the words fall out, our fingers touch the chords and the song writes itself.  Amid the chaos of life there are moments of clarity that produce songs.  .....Of course, most of the time we are learning, working, searching, listening, reading, watching, responding, questioning, crafting.  …... We do the work in the hope that one day what we write won’t be awful.  We stay open and humble, curious and hopeful.  

Writing your own songs can really help you to find your voice.  No one can teach you how to write songs, no one taught John Lennon.  He played and played and he wrote and wrote.  I want to encourage and support that.

You can start with just one note. 
Learn, develop, grow

"Jen is much more than just a singing teacher.  She has taught me so much.  She spotted my uniqueness and has encouraged me to develop my own singing style. I love my lessons."  Daisey, Singer/Songwriter