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"Jen completely changed the way i sing!"   Abril (Soloist featured below).

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"Jenny is that rare thing….an active, passionate, curious musical artist, equally passionate and curious about everyone else.  She's friendly, funny and a lot of fun - but there's a deep underlying seriousness and wealth of technical experience running through her approach. I can't recommend her enough" Seymour Milton. “Exceptional"  Zacanowski.  "I had lost all my confidence, now earn a living doing what I love"  Mariam B.  "A whole different level" Parry Ray.  "Transformed" Carmen.  “Jen has a vast knowledge of her craft & the experience to match it" Joshua Marment.  "Intuitive personalised coaching" James Frost.  "Jen spotted my uniqueness and has encouraged me to develop my own style.  She helps me with my writing as well"  Julia H. "She really listens.  She understands all the complexities but has a way of cutting through it all and making you think about it all in a much simpler way.  She’s an exceptional teacher" Letisha B.  "Jen has really helped me to hear what is possible and has taught me how to do things I didn't believe I could"  Charlotte G.  "I tend to be quite shy, but Jenny is really lovely and welcoming, she put me at ease from the start"  Lisa.  "We were able to uncover my artistic vision ... I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our time together"  Bradley O.  "Amazing teacher" Sammy Sparrow.   "Jen really works with the individual's style and strives to bring out the best in everyone"  Bronwen R.   "After my first lesson - WOW!!"  Alexander D.  "The sessions have … made me fall in love with singing again!"  Trinh N.   "Hands down the best coach i have ever had!.. Extremely passionate, incredible teacher and person"  Edee Music.  "Jen is extremely positive and encouraging!"  Tom Mann.  "I look forward to lessons as a highlight of my week.  I couldn't speak more highly of Jenny"  Aaron.   "She has helped me become a musician!"  Carmen.   "Jaws dropped"  Loretta.  "Better by the end of my first lesson" Luke.  "I can't believe the extent to which i've developed my voice and confidence in such a short period of time!  Due to Jenny's skill as a teacher and her belief in me I’m now writing and performing my own stuff regularly, something I never thought I could do"  Sally, Punk/Rock Singer/Songwriter.  "Her enthusiasm is infectious and the lessons are fun and very thorough" Andy, Funk Singer.   "A year ago I had chronic stage fright.  Now (many public performances later) I’m making my love and passion a career!”  Betty, Soul Singer.