Be kind to yourself to succeed

It’s easy beat yourself up when it comes to learning something new.  To feel like you’re not progressing fast enough or thinking that being hard on yourself is somehow going to help!?

Have you ever had a day when everything you do just goes right?  When you’re really happy and then you notice your singing and songwriting is just going really well and you feel at peace with the world?  When one thing starts going right something else surely follows.

I believe that a lot of this is due to the language we use to ourselves, it’s what we’re training ourselves to notice.  Do we choose to notice what’s working or what’s not working?

Generally speaking, do we speak to ourselves with kindness, love, gentleness, compassion.  Do we trust, know, allow?  Or do we try to force, get frustrated, annoyed?  Be nicer to yourselves people and notice the difference in your results.

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