Repetition makes us strong. Don’t underestimate the long term results!

We all over estimate the short term and under estimate the long term.  That’s why I like working with clients long term.  It’s only through daily exercise/practise/work/play that we become strong.  If you don’t sing daily you won’t feel like a singer, but it’s very easy to remedy!  That’s why it’s important to not overload […]

Artists need community

I was on a course at Cambridge University last week and was reminded of the power of community.  It was so inspiring to be surrounded by so many brilliant minds.  So many amazing artists all devouring other great works. Talking about everything from Keats to Dylan, Leonard Cohen to the gospel of John.  This is where […]

Mentation – Inspiration, songwriting.

‘All these things just came out of me.  I didn’t sit down and think I’m gonna write a song about my mother….or this, that or the other…they all came out…you know like all the best work anybody ever does’…..  John Lennon. Let you song speak through you.  Don’t struggle.  Don’t pull the wings off your […]

If you feel something is holding you back, practise this daily.

Repeat daily: From 8 mins in Often labelled a multitude of things: mindset, beliefs, limited beliefs, self belief, certainty, choose the word you like.  You need to be ‘certain’ and it only takes a few minutes to get certain. Your voice is important. Repeat the above exercise daily to get certain.