How does it work?

Come along to one of my 1hr Saturday group sessions (3-6 people generally) and say hi.  I'll introduce you to elements of Expressive Voice Work.  You can watch or take part.  We'll do some vocal technique (suitable for everyone), and some freedom voice work.  It's not at all scary and you won't be singing on your own.  You can meet me, workout your voice and you'll leave feeling great!  We can have a chat at the end of the session about options moving forwards.

Please RSVP here to attend:

All you need to bring is some water.  Expressive Voice Work clients support each other 100%

Benefits of Expressive Voice Work are
Extending your vocal range, improving your pitching, gaining more power and endurance, learning how to avoid breaks in your voice.  Learning how to avoid hoarseness and maintain your vocal health.  Finding your own brilliant, bold, beautiful voice in the world!  These are much more than traditional singing lessons!

You will love it!

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Please note cancellations are charged but you are very welcome to gift your session to a friend.x