Jo Estill, show everyone in the world how beautiful they are inside’

So much is talked about the Estill method.  Here is the great lady herself:

My grounding in the Estill method, all those years ago, is what enabled me to become a vocal coach and start teaching singing.  This led on to a great deal more study but this was the perfect place to start and what I always recommend for other teachers.  It was such a treat to see Jo Estill, herself, teaching on this DVD last week.

Some highlights from the DVD for me were her emphasis on the importance of:
voice colours,
group learning,
letting go of facial tension (tongue, jaw),
keeping the effort/energy till the end of the breath phrase.
The discussion about increasing body effort (decreasing vocal effort) at the bridge so as not to end up in the ‘chipmunk’ sound.  A particular nice demo.  🙂
The effect of  vowels on resonance,
Breath flow on vibrato,
Placing the belt voice in the hand (in the clip).
Also the importance of energy if we’re to sing high intensity songs (my clients here this from me like a broken record lol).

I particularly loved her discussion of the expression of ones highest self in performance rather than the ego state.

Jo’s motivation to teach is summed up so nicely at the end of the clip and I hear you Jo, I second it!  (An instruction to voice teachers):

‘Show everyone in the world how beautiful they are inside, because once they know how beautiful they are inside then there’s nothing they can’t dream, nothing they can’t dream of doing ….and do it’.

This is what I endeavour to do at Expressive Voice.  If you’re interested in singing, songwriting and self expression, I would love to work with you.  Send me an email!x



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