The brilliant Yoko Ono

I could watch videos of Yoko Ono and John Lennon all day.  I love her sweet toned ‘Remember Love’ and her wild free ‘Kiss Kiss’.  There’s no doubting the astounding influence she had on her husbands later output also.  Just read ‘Grapefruit’, listen to ‘Cold Turkey’ or of course any of their combined albums.  That kind of love is so rare and beautiful.  Her’s is a life well and truly lived to the full.

This is why I got so pissed off reading her open letter to her critics;  “Let me be me!”

Yoko Ono responds to critics in open letter: “Let me be me!”

We must rise above the haters.  We must make original work.  We must be brave enough to be ourselves.  It takes balls of steel to sing, to create, to do your own thing.  If you don’t like it just keep your mouth shut.  Let everyone do their thing.




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