Mentation – Inspiration, songwriting.

‘All these things just came out of me.  I didn’t sit down and think I’m gonna write a song about my mother….or this, that or the other…they all came out…you know like all the best work anybody ever does’…..  John Lennon.

Let you song speak through you.  Don’t struggle.  Don’t pull the wings off your beautiful butterfly.  Don’t try to make the process hard.  Step into the energy of your creation and allow it to live.

Find something that speaks to you, a word, an image and speak of it.  It’s as simple as that.  You don’t need to work hard.  You step into the flow of energy and you get your brain out of the way.  Your first thought is your best thought.  The song’s already written you just need to scribble it down.  You don’t need to be poetic.  Just stay in the energy field of it as long as you can.  Allow it to be as it is.  Do whatever is easy.  So either quickly get the words down or quickly get the chords down, once you have either one (which is easy) the other does itself too.  Let me do the process with you.

Ideally, work fast whilst you’re in the energy of it.  You can’t recreate the energy later, you can only step into a new energy.  When it’s gone you must bring in a new energy that’s also in the NOW.  That’s great for finishing songs.

So when you get a song in an inappropriate place don’t worry.  You don’t need to hold onto those ideas.  They don’t go anywhere.  You just have to tap in another time.  Nothing is ever lost.

There is a difference between mentation (over thinking) and inspiration.  Don’t get in your own way, trying to dissolve your essence, your truth in that moment.  Shut up and get it down somehow.  Even if you don’t know if you like it.  Quickly finish it.  No editing necessary.  You can do that in the studio at the end if you’re pulled to.  I’d love to do this process with you, again and again until you have an album.  Everyone can write a song in a session by finding and speaking their truth.  It’s my favourite thing.  Dancing in your truth.  It will heal you and the world (or make them dance).

With love.



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