Need to get other people’s approval?

Something so many of us seem to struggle with is the need get everyone else’s approval!  It’s crazy isn’t it.  It drives our lives.  Why do we care what anyone else thinks.  I look at brilliant artists like Yoko Ono and Nick Cave and I think wow those people don’t need to get anyone’s approval.  I wonder if it’s true.  We’ll prob. never know.  It certainly helps to be in a  partnership or band to proceed like that or at least to have someone totally on your side; an inner circle, a band of brothers.  So much great art comes from rebellion…..

This is a fab little vid: Byron Katie on ‘approval’.

When you’re ready to get your show on the road, give me a call!  I want to be on the inner circle to support and empower you and your artistry.  That’s how we really grow.  Jen.x


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