Open your ears to the world

Be brave with your voice.  Be playful.  Experiment.  Explore.  Open your ears to the world.  Singers all over the world have been making use of every sound the human voice can make, long term.  Think belting’s unhealthy?  Open your ears to the world.  Western singers/singing teachers can sometimes overcomplicate singing, make a huge list of things to do in order to sing, a long list of exercises etc.  Is it really necessary?

If your voice feels good and the sounds your making are repeatable and sustainable you’re doing great!  We must, of course, all get to know our individual voices and take responsibility for them.  We need to get to know the size/weight of our instrument, how it feels when working well.  Notice if any tensions are creeping in.  These are things to be aware of but not paranoid.

If you’ve previously had an injury extra care is required.  And of course things like touring schedules, smoking etc. can cause voice issues.  See my voice page for more info.

Be free, be brave, be energetic, let’s see what your voice can do!

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