How does a singer create interest?

It’s so important to me that I don’t impose my musical taste on the singers I spend time with.  Artists, singers, musicians need to be able to make their own creative decisions when it comes to their singing.  I will help you to distill what it is that you love to enable you to know yourself more, your taste.  This is an exciting process of exploring the music/singing you love and working out what’s happening.

I just had a great songwriting session with an amazing singer looking at the artistic, vocal choices of her favourite singers.  We particularly looked at how her favourite artists create interest/contrast in their hit material so that she knows what she likes and how to do it.

We started with ‘When I Was Your Man’ by Bruno Mars, noticing the importance of choice of key for his voice, the breathy onsets/offsets, the dynamic shifts, changing rhythmic feel (dotted rhythms), the creaks and distortions.  Clean Bandits’, ‘Symphony’ featuring Zara Larsson.  The great use of melodic and rhythmic contrast between sections in this track.  From the simple, often repeated (short) notes, pitched within a small low range, the question and answer motifs, mostly hitting the first beat of the bar, to the pre-chorus’, before the beat entry, melodic sustain, more lilt and fluidity over a larger range, to the chorus’s climactic super high notes….Great fun to sing (think ‘UH’ if you don’t want to sound like a chipmunk!  Use the consonants, drop the jaw and anchor internally).   Note: the fantastic ascending melody of the chorus line, ‘I just want to be part of your Symphony’ is a great little pitching exercise if you chop it in a wave editor and transpose the key continually by semitones.  I digress….

We also listened to ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ feat. Dua Lipa, James Arthurs’ ‘Say You Wont Let Go’, Kaleo, ‘All The Pretty Girls’, Rita Ora, ‘Anywhere’, Camila Cobello’s, Never be the same.  Noticing volume changes, voice quality contrast, melodic spikes, pauses, vibrato…. etc….   So what’s your taste?  This is a great little exercise I like artists to do as part of their artistic development folder.  Whether you want to sing for yourself or fore everyone I like everyone to know and do all the exercises so that you can really be all that you can be, vocally, musically, expressively.

Expressive Voice Work is perfect for singers and songwriters of all abilities.  And indeed for anyone who wants to express their true self more in their life.  Drop me a mail. I’d love to hear from you.  Jen.x


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