“The voice comes from a part of yourself that simply knows, expresses itself and is” – Jeff Buckley

Our voices must be free to sound our souls.  Allowing the full spectrum of vocal sounds frees our creativity and our selves.  

At birth the voice is as free as the birds.  From the dawn of time song and singing have been essential for sacred ritual, praise, self expression.  Travelling around the globe you will hear every possible vocal sound.  It is already, all in you, waiting to express itself.

Expressive Voice work combines the best of C21st vocal technique with movement, with body connection, with uninhabited spontaneous voicing to enable you to free your voice and craft it.

Expressive Voice Work has produced outstanding, transformational results for thousands of 'singers' and 'non-singers' and is suitable for everyone. 


"Jenny has transformed my voice! She is 110% interested in her students. Now I have a big huge voice and lots of confidence to sing. Jenny also helped me become a musician!"  Carmen, Pop/Rock & Soul Singer