I am absolutely committed to my clients beautiful, evolutionary journey.  Naturally, this commitment requires some degree of reciprocity.


  • Online coaching sessions require 48hrs notice of cancellation/rescheduling or the fee will be due in full.
  • London studio sessions require 7 days notice of cancellation (E.g. Sat AM for the following Sat).  If you cannot make your booking, after this period, you will be offered an online session in exchange, to be taken within 7 days.  This is offered in kindness, at my discretion.
  • Clients who repeatedly advance book and cancel will forfeit the ability to advance book as it stops other clients from being able to book.  We can still work together but you will be offered last minute availability slots only.
  • We all get ill sometimes.  If you have missed the cancellation notice period but are unwell, please do not come to the studio (e.g. if you are coughing/sneezing/blowing your nose).  This ensures a healthy environment in the studio for all clients.  Please accept an online session to be taken in exchange, offered in kindness, at my discretion.

CORONAVIRUS;  All sessions are currently taking place online via; Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, GoogleHangOuts, even Whatsapp!  I have regular sessions all over Europe and the US, from bedrooms, sheds, parks etc.   Our work thrives on momentum, whether you work in the studio or from home, the work can continue.   I would be doing my clients a disservice in not holding them to their desires.

Small side note.  I really appreciate good communication and simple, common courtesy.  So keep me in the loop please.

  • If you're running late drop me a whatsapp message.  Phone signal is poor in the studio (we are well insulated!) but wifi/whatsapp is great.  If I haven't heard from you and you are more than 30mins late for your session I will assume you are not coming.  I still love you and hope you're ok.
  • For general communication, please contact me via email after 10pm and before 8am.  I am known for my quick response.
  • If I contact you and you read the message, where possible, please let me know it's received even if you are unable to reply properly until later.

The above enables us to work together in the best possible way and for me to offer the very best service possible to all my clients.  I am not like other coaches.  My work is intensive, deep, transformational, magical work.  I take care of my own soul as well as helping others to take care of their own.

I am only able to work with clients who are able to respect the above.

With love and light and excitement for our beautiful, journey together.  Jen May.