“Jen completely changed the way I sing”: Abril, Soloist.

"Jenny is that rare thing

"Jenny is that rare thing, an active, passionate, curious musical artist, equally passionate and curious about everyone else.  She's friendly, funny and a lot of fun - but there's a deep underlying seriousness and wealth of technical experience running through her approach. I can't recommend her enough"  Seymour Milton

These sessions are worth their weight in gold, Jennifer isn’t your standard ‘Vocal Coach’ she has a vast knowledge of her craft & the experience to match it. Every session I have had, has led to at least ‘one’ breakthrough & every time I have left, I have felt like I have progressed. If you’re looking for the best, then you’ve found it! Joshua

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“Jenny helped me to improve my voice without losing my individuality. I really couldn’t recommend her more highly” Vinny

"Jen is much more than 'just a singing teacher'....

..She has taught me so much.  She spotted my uniqueness and has encouraged me to develop my own singing style.  We work on interesting, unique and beautiful songs and she helps me with my writing as well.  Always bright and cheerful but real at the same time, I've loved my lessons"  Julia.

"Jaws dropped!"

'Jennifer gives you instantly actionable techniques that really work, as well as invaluable emotional reassurance. After three sessions I went to a rehearsal with my band, who were not aware that I was having lessons and jaws dropped. I recommend her as a singing teacher unreservedly.'   Loretta, Soul Singer

"Jenny has transformed my voice!

She is 110% interested in her students. Now I have a big huge voice and lots of confidence to sing. Jenny also helped me become a musician!"  Carmen, Pop/Rock & Soul Singer

"Exceptional" 5 Stars!!!

"Jenny is not only an exceptional human being who anybody would be very fortunate to meet.  Before I had my first class with Jenny, I had been to numerous teachers and spent a great deal of money.  While they were all helpful, the pieces still didn’t fit for me, and it was of primary importance to me as I was gigging with my (loud) band as the lead singer.

I lost my voice, and was unable to sing.  I was sent to a speech therapist and encouraged to see a Rock singing teacher.  I immediately called my friend Frank who has worked in music in London for years, and he put me on to Jenny. I knew I had found what I was looking for.

As soon as my class begun I felt a tremendous relief and the feeling that FINALLY I had found a Rock singing teacher who knew what she was doing.

I’ve seen it happen to others in Jenny’s classes, gigging rock singers, and I have seen the difference bizarrely quickly in my own gigs. Jenny’s teaching methods and techniques work, in the real world, it’s as simple as that. No theories, no 'find the diaphragm' or 'make your forehead vibrate’ stuff that never made any sense to me despite years of trying and practice, and was of absolutely no use whatsoever in the brutal firefight of the half hour of a loud gig.

Think of the kind of singing teacher that James Hetfield needs, and that’s Jenny, on your doorstep. I won’t even go into all the other disciplines and life-enhancing qualities that Jenny has studied and practiced, and that Jenny’s nature means she won’t be able to not add to the hour class.

And I won’t even go into what an extraordinary artist Jenny is in her own right.  She’s exceptional, so please do yourself a favour if you gig and see her. She can save your voice. This is the best thing I can do for other bands in London. Okay, I’m going to hit the delete key now, because there are only so many record companies in the world, and I’ve just given you a serious advantage."  Zacanowski

“I had lost all my confidence, now earn a living doing what I love” Mariam

‘Hands down the best vocal coach i have ever had!

.. a warm atmosphere from the moment i walked in...I would recommend Jenny any day! Extremely passionate, incredible teacher and person’.  Edee Music

"She really listens" "Exceptional teacher".

‘What Jenny has taught me has already made a huge difference to my singing.  It’s obvious that Jenny really knows the technical stuff but unlike some other teachers I’ve tried she has a way of communicating it in a quietly confident, sensitive and non-judgemental way.   She really listens.  Singing is complex and  Jenny seems to understand all about the complexities but she also has a way of cutting through it all and making you think about it all in a much simpler way.  She also seems to really understand the differences between different singing styles.   I can’t recommend her highly enough: she’s an exceptional teacher’; Letisha

“Jen is wonderful. She has an innate ability to connect with her students and find out what they need and provide it for them, not only in vocal ability, but other areas of artist development and creativity in general. She’s like a mentor vocal coach if you want her to be! I am a believer!!”

"Her passion shines through in every lesson"

"Jen is a wonderful wonderful teacher. She has such a wealth of knowledge, but she doesn't just impart it on you in formulaic 'dry' music lessons. She really takes the time to get to know you as an artist, and mentors you so you are confident in your own musical style, whatever that may be. Her passion shines through in every lesson - I couldn't recommend her enough!!"  Zebu

"Jen's an amazing teacher

...she seems to have such knowledge AND experience that she helped me according to my individual voice and we worked on things specific to me, rather than just a "textbook lesson". She was really friendly too and it was a delight to have her teach me, made me feel very comfortable."  Sammy Sparrow

“Not just exercises and scales, this is intuitive personalised voice coaching. Helped me develop as a singer, both technique and confidence” James