‘The world is starving for creative vision’

Tori Amos interview

I just found this today.  Wow.  Tori Amos at her strongest.  What a voice!  We need more voices like this ….perhaps yours?  You can be at any stage of your journey to do Expressive Voice Work but it’s good to understand what it is we’re doing.  This interview is very helpful.  I’m offering a very different kind of work to other vocal coaches and singing teachers.

What we’re working on is you finding YOUR voice, your truth, your beliefs, not allowing anyone else to control what you express.  That’s freedom.  That’s true artistic expression.  Hone your skills.  Balance skill/craft with instinct.  Be present, perform and write from that place.  Trust your heart over your crazy head.  Recognise the creativity in every waking moment.  Respect your instrument, your art, your self.  Honour your work and the importance of that work, wherever you’re at with it.  It’s the perfect place to be, now.

“Be creative forces, the world is starving for creative vision”.  Tori Amos.


Dare to be you.  Let me help you.

Expressive Voice Work is perfect for singers and songwriters of all abilities.  And indeed for anyone who wants to express their true self more in their life.  Drop me a mail. I’d love to hear from you.


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