We are all things

…we are rainbows of beautiful emotions…..  wild and sad and excited and violent and happy…..and noisy and silent and ….  your voice is allowed to do all of this.  You are allowed to tell your truth.  I know a lot of teachers don’t agree, but for me, I can’t be bothered to sing if I don’t feel the emotion of what I’m singing.  It’s boring to me.   It’s what I do it for!  …In my opinion, if you feel nothing, they feel nothing.

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find a feeling, a truth.  We can be so used to being polite …and to be honest the artists I like aren’t really polite.   You don’t have to agree with me.  🙂  ….But I would love to really hear you and to support you to know that you’re voice can make all kinds of expressive sounds and that all of them are beautiful when they come from your truth.  I wanna hear that.  I’ve taught vocal technique for over 15 years but what really impresses me is singers who can connect with their truth and be brave enough to present that to the world.  Singers like Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley ……

I love this story about the track ‘Something in the way’ by Nirvana.  Written about Kurt’s experience of living under a bridge.

Kurt “sat down on the couch and was hardly mumbling the vocal, playing the guitar so quietly. So I said, ‘Everybody shut up,’ turned the fans and everything off and brought a couple of mics into the control room. He kind of laid on the couch and I gave him an acoustic mic and a vocal mic and he recorded it in the control room. Then he put the harmonies on and we went back and did the bass, which Chris found very hard. We then recorded the drums in studio B. It almost killed Dave to play so quietly.  Kurt also suggested bringing in cellist Kirk Canning, who was Dee Plakass’s [from L7] husband. We had a problem with intonation because everything on the track had to be tuned to Kurt’s guitar.  This is my favourite on the record. It has an unbelievable sound to it. It’s the most intense song on the record and the most understated.”  Vig.

Check out the recording here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVRFC9-VF4A
I love artists who take their truth seriously.  This is beautiful.

Expressive Voice is a different kind of training in singing, songwriting and self expression.  Expressive Voice examines artistic freedom, craft and truth.  Voice as an art form.  It’s something everyone can do and everyone should do.  Drop Jen a mail to say hi.


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