I’ve always been excited by freedom and truth.  By people who are unafraid to express themselves, vocally and in all areas of their lives.

Expressive VoiceWork is the synthesis of two decades of highly acclaimed singing teaching and vocal coaching, primal voice work, artistic development coaching and life coaching.  I've supported over 15000 people to reconnect with their natural brilliance to evolve their voice (singing & speaking), their artistry, their lives and their confidence.

This work has been revolutionary for me and for the thousands of people that I've worked with.  It's simple yet profound.  Let's get started!
(Don't take my word for it, read what my clients have to say).



Voice/Singing Training

Yes, I’ve coached artists with Brit, NME and Kerrang awards everywhere from The BBC to backstage at Wembley.  I say this only so that you know you are in the very best of hands.  I have just as importantly for me, coached many thousands of semi-pros, beginners and ‘non singers’ to free and craft their voice.  We are all beginners in a state of constant evolution.

Self Expression & Artistry

Need help finding your ‘voice’?  Channeling your essence out into the world?  This can take some courage, some bold, decisive action.  I want to support you to write your name in the stars.  To tune into your deepest, purest voice and surrender to it’s light.  The world needs you.

Confidence & Self Acceptance Coaching

When you wake up to the perfection of all things you will be able to witness your own innocence, your own beauty and start celebrating your extraordinary life.


“Jen is that rare thing.  An active, passionate, curious musical artist, equally passionate and curious about the art of teaching, in her pupils and their development.  She’s friendly, funny and a lot of fun – but there’s a deep underlying seriousness and wealth of technical experience running through her approach. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Seymour; a true artist, through & through

“Jenny’s changed my life.  I was an emotional wreck ……but she helped me to become the confident, bold and driven person I am today”

Carmen, using her voice to inspire others

“Jen spotted my uniqueness and has encouraged me to develop my own style.  We work on unique and beautiful songs and she helps me with my writing as well”

Genius Artist Julia

“A year ago I had chronic stage fright.  Now, many public performances later I am making my love and passion for singing into a career!”

Brilliant Betty

“Jen’s an exceptional teacher!”

Velvet Voiced Letisha

“I can’t believe the extent to which i’ve developed my voice and confidence in such a short period of time!”

Inspirational Sally

“Jen has a vast knowledge of her craft and the experience to match it.’

Seriously Talented Joshua M

“Jen helped me to improve my voice without losing my individuality”.

Wild & Alternative Vinny P

“Jen made me feel quickly at ease and supported, comfortable to explore and expand my creativity and horizons.  She celebrates who I am and works to bring out that unique something.  Sessions are always a lot of FUN!”

Lovely Linda

“Jenny’s an exceptional human being …and a serious advantage.”

The Greatest Of Creative Superhero’s Zac S

“Jen takes you to a whole different level.  She gets you to achieve things you didn’t know you could and teaches you in a totally authentic way for you as an artist.  Everything feels effortless.”

Voice straight from the heart, Parry R

“I had lost all my confidence.  Now I earn a living as a singer and coach myself and am very thankful for the support and training I received.  I highly recommend Jen to anyone of any level”

Mariam B, Amazing Singer & Coach

‘Jen’s very easy to talk to.  I trust her implicitly and confidently with anything that I want to discuss. She is positive, non judgemental and open to all that life has to offer.   I no longer feel stuck in my life for which I am eternally grateful.  Jen has helped me find the light at the end of the tunnel’.

Gem: advocate for the voiceless

“After three sessions with Jen I went to a rehearsal with my band and jaws dropped!”

Loretta, Soul Sister