Contact & FAQS

I would love to help you lose your creative blocks and honour your own voice.  To get you back in touch with that your intuition, with yourself, your soul.  I very much hope we can find a way to make it possible.  

I would love to get to know a bit about you.  ......Who are you?  How can I help you?  I look forward to hearing from you.  I absolutely care about you and your 'voice' and I would love to support you in any way I can.  Please drop me a mail to: 

There are some FAQs below.

How does EVW work?

Expressive Voice Work takes place in small groups and in person via Skype and at the Farringdon studio.
A combination of the above works for most people.  Please mail me to discuss the best approach for you.

What groups and 1-1 work is available?

Personal coaching, artistic development and songwriting works best 1-1, be it by Skype or in person.  

Group work takes place within a beautiful community of supportive singers and 'non-singers' who get together to express themselves and honour their journey in the world through art and music.  

I run the following weekly groups: 
Vocal Technique Class.  
Free voice Improv/Voice meditation Sessions.  
Stand and Sing Class.

I can give you more information on enquiry.

Studio Information

The Farringdon studio: Expressive Voice, Studio 1, The Basement, 73 St John Street, Farringdon, London, EC1M 4NJ.  5 mins walk from Farringdon Tube station.

What to bring: Come as you are!

Minimum requirements: some water
Optimum requirements: a folder of your work/thoughts so far.  This could include intentions, drawings, songs, visions, lyrics, poetry, pictures, plans.  Whatever is appropriate for your personal work.

Session fees

I have taught vocal technique for all the major record labels for over 15 years.  I endeavour to make sessions financially viable for all budgets by offering group work and individual sessions via skype or face to face in the London studio.  Please contact me and we'll work out the best solution for you.

House rules

House rules:  Life is precious.   Please respect my time and only make bookings you are happy to attend or pay for.  Cancellations will be charged unless the studio time can be filled so please contact me asap.  

"Jen is that rare thing: a gifted singer and a fantastic teacher. She is an active, passionate, curious musical artist, equally passionate and curious about her clients and their development.  She's friendly, funny and a lot of fun - but there's a deep underlying seriousness and wealth of technical experience running through her approach. I can't recommend her enough."  Seymour, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Arranger.