A few variables

Your head would explode if you had to think about all the variables when singing (see a few below).  So instead we get playful with applying these variables and your voice learns how to quickly respond to being in the moment of the song.  The voice learns to be flexible and free.  So play with […]

Talent is a myth, what you need is a f*cking big fire in your belly

I just had to share something that landed in my inbox this morning (link below) from amazing pianist/composer/teacher Tom Donald.  Talking about ‘one of societies biggest myths and lies’: talent. Yes, some people are brought up in a music bootcamp environment and are seen as amazingly talented (M.Jackson comes to mind).  But this actually proves […]

Accentuate the imperfections

Not only do these things make you, you.  To be honest accentuating them enables you to gain control and ultimately freedom.  When I’m working on improvisation exercises I like to really let my voice go where it wants to go; into all the nasty noises aswell and the nice ones.  To take a few risks. […]

The language of music: Victor Wooten

Recommending this great resource from an amazing musician: https://hudsonmusic.com/product/groove-workshop/ Whilst it might appear to be designed for bass players it’s great for everyone. Victor asks, what is music to you?  Great question! Whilst hard to articulate, to me, music is the soul speaking, it’s emotion, it’s communication, it’s connection. These are things that are actually […]

Welcome it all, the good, the bad and the ugly

When you express yourself without fear it enables others to know they are not alone in their feelings.  I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.  Life is beautifully everything.  You are beautifully everything. The Guest House by Rumi This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A […]

Repetition makes us strong. Don’t underestimate the long term results!

We all over estimate the short term and under estimate the long term.  That’s why I like working with clients long term.  It’s only through daily exercise/practise/work/play that we become strong.  If you don’t sing daily you won’t feel like a singer, but it’s very easy to remedy!  That’s why it’s important to not overload […]

Artists need community

I was on a course at Cambridge University last week and was reminded of the power of community.  It was so inspiring to be surrounded by so many brilliant minds.  So many amazing artists all devouring other great works. Talking about everything from Keats to Dylan, Leonard Cohen to the gospel of John.  This is where […]

Mentation – Inspiration, songwriting.

‘All these things just came out of me.  I didn’t sit down and think I’m gonna write a song about my mother….or this, that or the other…they all came out…you know like all the best work anybody ever does’…..  John Lennon. Let you song speak through you.  Don’t struggle.  Don’t pull the wings off your […]