Jen’s new ‘Vocal Fundamentals’ Ebook is now available!

My new Vocal Fundamentals Ebook is now complete!  It’s an everything you need to know guide to the fundamentals of good vocal technique.  Perfect for singers and public speakers of all abilities.  Whether you’re having singing lessons or not this will be very easy for you to understand.  Drop me a message if you’d like […]

The Sound Palette

True expressiveness requires flexible use of the different vocal sounds.  Check out some of the many different sounds the voice can make with examples of artists who use the sounds a lot.   ‘Sigh’ (non-classical/very quiet/intimate/breathy onset) Art Garfunkel, Janet Jackson, Prince, Marilyn Monroe, Sinead O’Connor, Sade, Dusty Springfield, Suzanne Vega, Barry white. ‘Cry/head/tilt’ (thin/quiet volume/smooth onset) London […]

What do you have to say?

When I was growing up I was obsessed with Woodstock and with the Isle of Wight festival.  I just loved; Richie Havens, Melanie, Joan Baez, The Band, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen.  These were amazing musicians with something to say.  They lived alternative lifestyles, they cared about each other and […]

Need to get other people’s approval?

Something so many of us seem to struggle with is the need get everyone else’s approval!  It’s crazy isn’t it.  It drives our lives.  Why do we care what anyone else thinks.  I look at brilliant artists like Yoko Ono and Nick Cave and I think wow those people don’t need to get anyone’s approval.  […]

‘The world is starving for creative vision’

Tori Amos interview I just found this today.  Wow.  Tori Amos at her strongest.  What a voice!  We need more voices like this ….perhaps yours?  You can be at any stage of your journey to do Expressive Voice Work but it’s good to understand what it is we’re doing.  This interview is very helpful.  I’m […]

Be kind to yourself to succeed

It’s easy beat yourself up when it comes to learning something new.  To feel like you’re not progressing fast enough or thinking that being hard on yourself is somehow going to help!? Have you ever had a day when everything you do just goes right?  When you’re really happy and then you notice your singing […]

How does a singer create interest?

It’s so important to me that I don’t impose my musical taste on the singers I spend time with.  Artists, singers, musicians need to be able to make their own creative decisions when it comes to their singing.  I will help you to distill what it is that you love to enable you to know […]

Find your own version of authentic

So usually I hate competitive tv singing programmes but there’s just something I loved about Jessie J going back to her tv competition roots to start again.  Talk about Warrior Goddess.  She was so brave to start again somewhere new!  It’s really cool and it’s totally authentic for her. There’s something I just love about watching […]

We are all things

…we are rainbows of beautiful emotions…..  wild and sad and excited and violent and happy…..and noisy and silent and ….  your voice is allowed to do all of this.  You are allowed to tell your truth.  I know a lot of teachers don’t agree, but for me, I can’t be bothered to sing if I […]

Jo Estill, show everyone in the world how beautiful they are inside’

So much is talked about the Estill method.  Here is the great lady herself: My grounding in the Estill method, all those years ago, is what enabled me to become a vocal coach and start teaching singing.  This led on to a great deal more study but this was the perfect place to start […]